Betting on goals

If you believe you are good at guessing how many goals will be scored in a soccer match, then betting on goals is giving you lots of options. On every bookmaker you will find more than thirty different options for betting on goals.

The main one is, of course, to guess under or over the match will be with different lines. For example, the main one is usually 2.5 goals per match. You can try with whichever line you want and of course the odds will be different.

Other goals betting option is to pick the winner on the match and how many goals will be scored. For example, you can try Blackburn to beat Wigan and there will be more than 2.5 goals in the match.

You can even try guessing the exact total goals in the match. It would be great if you do it because in this betting option the odds start from 4 and reach numbers like 21 and even more.

Bookmakers are offering another really popular betting option which is known as Goal/No goal. In this game you have to guess if both teams would score in the match or just one or neither of them. It is really popular because it seems easy for most of the players. However, it is not as easy as most of the punters believe.

Another very interesting betting option is to guess the exact minutes of all goals. What you have to do here is to sum all the minutes when a goal is scored, then to guess would the result be above or below a line given by the bookmaker. For example, if Blackburn beats Wigan 2:0 and the goals are scored in 70th and 85th minutes it will give as a result 155.

Goals betting could be really interesting and what is more important it could return lots of winning if the punter has the correct strategy and discipline. To bet on goals has one more very important benefit and it is the fact that on most of the goals betting games you have only two possible outcomes instead of three in full time result for example.

Here are three tips for soccer betting connected with goals

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